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Organically grown indoors, this Indica dominate strain is perfect for pain management and insomnia |JFK

$55 - 1/8

$100 - 1/4

A cut of Gorilla Glue that came from Dark Heart Nursery in Northern California. |Gorilla Glue Indoor

$55 - 1/8

$100 - 1/4

Grown organically indoors. A 60/40 Sativa/Indica strain good for Migraines, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, depression, chronic pain relief and digestive issues. Sticky with a sweet aroma. |Purple Sticky Punch

$55 - 1/8

$100 - 1/4

Organically grown in a greenhouse this is our Gorrila Glue North strain. |Gorrila Glue Greenhouse

$45 - 1/8

$80 - 1/4

Organically grown indoors, green Crack is a potent Sativa. Good for patients suffering from glaucoma, depression, and a good all around effect. Large sticky buds, with a well deserved reputation for being extra potent. A favorite in Southern California and an extra potent hydro grown organic crop with a strong candy aroma. |Green Crack

$55 - 1/8

$100 - 1/4

Organically grown indoors. |Blue Dream

$55 - 1/8

$100 - 1/4

Organically grown indoors, Durban Poison is a potent Sativa. |Durban Poison

$55 - 1/8

$100 - 1/4

Incredible Medible Peanutbutter Cups, choclate and peanut butter and oh so potent, great medicine! |PeanutButter Cup

$12 a package

Sweet and sour candy lollipops. Assorted flavors. |Hash Suckers

$5 per sucker

Our take on Jolly Ranger but 4x potent. 1 per pack, very potent. |Hash Bursts

$5 per 1

Our take on StarBurst chewy candies. 1 per pack, very potent. |Kush Bursts

$5 per 2

Professional injected joints blended for a balanced high. Who licked that joint before you put your lips on it? No licking with pre-rolled injected papers! |Blended Joints

$7 for One 0.5 Gram Joint

$9 for One 1 Gram Joint

1 Gram Cartridge of Live Resin |Blew Concentrates


Battery Pen with USB Charger |Blew Battery Pen