Our goal is to bring safe, affordable medical cannabis to our member patients.

Medical Cannabis is medicine, useful for bringing relief to the suffering of many physical ailments, but it is also a psychiatric medicine, just like Paxil, Prozac and many other pharmaceuticals. We have observed it being used in a wide range of emotional/mental conditions such as depression and anxiety and even schizophrenia. A note about the use in treating schizophrenia, by observation we think the key is to control intake so the patient does not over medicate. By observation, indica dominant strains appear to be the most appropriate for use with this condition. We are not making a recommendation, just an observation.

An interesting story about medical cannabis use as a psychiatric medicine: VA Doctors Prohibited From Discussing Medical Marijuana With Returning Vets

NOTE: We will not honor recommendations that are verified through http://verify215.com or 310-867-4444. The website is unusable as it requests that WE register with it and when we call to ask for the doctor's name and license number the person answering the phone refuses the request. No doctor should refuse a request for their name and license number so they can be verified to be a real doctor under California law.

NOTE: We will not honor recommendations that are verified through http://inglewoodhealthservicescenter.com. This site has been hacked with an injection attack and has not been repaired for over a month and we cannot therefore be certain of its validity.

We would also like to talk about marijuana as medicine and some current trends in the market place we disagree with. First off we want to strongly disagree with the state of the humidity of most cannibis we have found being offered for smoking. The market now has become, as markets do, about money and not about medicine. We find most cannabis being offered in way to dry a condition. This has come about for two reasons we believe. One is in the handling of the cannabis as it is often packaged improperly and allowed to dry out far too much during storage and transport. The other is that dealers want to buy cannabis in as dry a condition as possible because weight equals money in the market place.

All this has led to the current expectation that cannabis for smoking should be almost paper dry. This makes the smoke far more harsh and unpleasant. Big Tobacco knows the smoother the smoke the more that people will want to smoke and if you look at any fresh smoking tobacco you will find it humid enough that it is very soft. When smoking cannabis it should also be similarly humidified so it is soft to the touch but will still burn.

We think if you smoke our medicine you will agree the higher humidity level makes for a smoother smoking experience.

Caution: With higher humidity levels, our medical cannabis contains no preservatives, one should consider refrigerating unused cannabis

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